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Fraud Warning!

We caution all potential customers to be aware of fraudulent users of intent to destroy our good name. Global Import Export Sp. z o.o. doesn't have an a partner as of this moment. We know some companies may have the name "global import/export" Please note, our website has an extension ".pl" not ".com" or ".eu" We are a Poland based company. All emails coming from us must have the extension "" Please report all suspicious activity to

Introduction of new products!

Beginning April 2016 we are introducing some new offers like Aluminum raw materials, copper scraps, used metals etc... As part of our never ending research on the best selling products, we will continue to do our best to extend our trade throughout the globe.


Please note, when we use the word "assortment" in our product description, that particular product has other varieties, the names of which we might not have mentioned. Some products especially for hygiene has lots of varieties, flavor and sizes. We advise potential buyers to have good knowledge of interested products, if not we will identify the products for them specifically with Barcodes

Buyer complains of repeated offers!

Recently some buyers have complained of repeated offers from us. We want to inform all users or viewers of our website that, Global Import Export Sp. z o.o. is a member of some top B2B trade sites and we only send offers to buyers who make inquiries on this site and request to receive quotes and offers on some particular product(s) We do not send spam emails. All emails we send out must be addressed solely to the receipient (addressee)

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